Saturday, 2 November 2019

Buffalo with Calf

We had driven along several trails looking for an elusive herd of buffalo that one of the other drivers had spotted the day before. The driver and guide thought the best approach was to track a small pride of lions that we had seen earlier in the morning. He pointed out that where there are lions there are buffalo nearby.

Buffalo with calves

The lion tracks and spoor ended near a wide open plain with just islands of trees dotted here and there. Another short discussion and the verdict; drive through the grassland towards the trees which are perfect lion resting spots.

Lurking Lions

We cautiously entered the sea of grass and bumped our way towards the trees. Suddenly, we were amongst the buffalo. The herd consisted of around twenty animals including calves. Bad tempered at the best of times, the buffalo did not look pleased at our arrival.

Sitting quietly we waited for the animals to settle and within a few minutes they went about grazing seemingly oblivious to our presence. A wonderful time to take a few close up pictures of these iconic African animals.

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