Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Hungry Hornbill

Victoria Falls Hotel on a warm Sunday afternoon. Cocktails and a bite to eat then sit around the pool. Safari tomorrow. But time and experience have taught me not to waste opportunities.

There is a track behind the hotel which runs more or less parallel to the falls and river. Local people use it and it seems suitable for a bit of an afternoon walk. I chat to one of the waiters and he thinks its safe enough though the occasional giraffe or elephant tend to use it to access the lush lawns of the resort.

Camera in hand, I start to follow the trail. A troop of baboons are just ahead of me and seem unperturbed by my presence veering off into the bush to groom each other. 

However, it is the tree tops that grab my attention. Vervet monkeys, some kind of squirrel and a small group of squabbling Trumpeter Hornbills are disturbing the upper reaches of fruiting trees.

Even with the long lens it is a stretch to catch the action but with a little perseverance I manage a sequence of shots that show a Hornbill searching out and eating both fruit and caterpillars in the tree tops.

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