Thursday, 31 May 2018

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls
Although I have spent a lifetime trying to capture the best wildlife images that I can; on rare occasions it is the locality that dwarfs the animals. Victoria Falls is such a place.  With its rugged setting, thunderous cascades and luxurious bushland it is a wonderland, an enduring symbol of nature’s power and beauty.

Dazzled though I was by the falls, the wildlife that lives in its misty surrounds are no less fascinating. Tiny jewelled birds flitted amongst the canopy while equally colourful butterflies sought out blossoms. Diminutive squirrels and mongoose occasionally scuttled across the pathway that hugs the edge of the chasm that has been cut into the landscape by the mighty Zambesi River.

There were larger animals too. Waterbuck, wart hogs and baboons were just a few of the numerous mammals that can be found close to the falls while in the calmer waters upstream hippos and crocodiles are common.

In such a complex environment there are also those special sightings that make Victoria Falls so memorable; a huge water monitor scrambling along a watery cliff face behind a curtain of spray and a fish eagle perched in a tree overhanging the river’s thundering course

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