Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Hippo and Cocktails

Cocktails aboard  a cruise down the Zambezi  is not to be sneezed at especially when the sunsets are glorious and there is a good chance of catching sight of some wildlife.  We had driven from Victoria Falls Hotel to a little landing not too far from the Chobe National  Park and  were not expecting to start our serious wildlife viewing until we flew into The Okavango Delta the next day. But an aggressive male hippo who took exception to our presence in his territory provided some lovely late afternoon excitement.  He followed the boat for several hundred metres displaying his disapproval with toothy yawns and several mock charges at the boat. Later in the delta we saw this behaviour on many occasions but that first encounter over a daiquiri and hors d’oeuvres was rather special.

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Saturday, 17 March 2018

African Reptiles

Gecko on bark, Zambia
Sometimes it is the smallest things that bring the most pleasure.  Our journeys through Zambia’s wildlife parks had been all that we could have hoped for and now we were spending a leisurely day and night at a little wildlife sanctuary on the outskirts of Lusaka before flying home.  Part of the park was designated for orphaned elephant rehabilitation while the rest was lawned areas surrounded by some scrub bisected by a small creek. Despite the elephants, antelope and giraffes that wandered freely through this enclosed park it was the squirrels, lizards and butterflies that caught my attention. This little fellow was perched motionless on the bark of a tree that shadowed our roundel. He seemed to be there most of the time scuttling away if I ventured too close.
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